Coming Soon on Allosaurus Roar!

After a little family vacation to Kansas and Colorado, I am getting ready to write some more museum reviews, etc.  Here is the Allosaurus Roar publishing schedule for the next couple months:

I will update the schedule again when the current schedule is near completion.   I was probably a little overambitious with the “Fossil of the Week:” I have decided a “Fossil of the Month” is more realistic given my other time demands.  Starting with May 2nd, I plan to publish an occasional short essay about a topic relating to dinosaurs, museums, fossils and the like.  Thanks for reading!



April 4, 2017: Clayton Lake State Park Tracksite, Clayton, NM

April 11, 2017: Fossil of the Month: Parasaurolophus

April 18, 2017: Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman, OK

May 2, 2017: The new golden age of dinosaur museums?

May 9, 2017: Fossil of the Month: Didelphedon

May 19, 2017: K.U. Natural History Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

May 30, 2017: Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

About johngnida

Husband, father of two boys. Has traveled extensively while working for the last 15 years as a healthcare consultant. University of Michigan/Ann Arbor (B.A.) and Indiana University/Bloomington (M.A.) alum. Love dinosaurs and other prehistoric life, love to visit natural history museums.
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