Hi!  My name is John Gnida, and I’m the publisher of Allosaurus Roar.   I’m  no paleontologist, in fact I’m no scientist at all.  I guess the most commonly used phrase to describe me and the thousands like me would be “dinosaur enthusiast.”  Dinosaur expert? Certainly not.  I may know a lot more than the average person on the street, but I am also well aware of my knowledge limitations.  Although I took some geology and paleontology classes, and I read a lot of books about dinosaurs and try to slog my way through scientific articles that are available to the public in forums like PLoS ONE, that doesn’t make me any kind of expert.  I do have a tattoo of an Allosaurus skull on my shoulder!  Unfortunately that also does not make me an expert.  So what are my qualifications for reviewing dinosaur museums?  Well, first of all…I really love museums, especially the ones that have dinosaurs on display.  In fact I used to work in one such museum when I was in college.   Of course I love dinosaurs (and lots of other prehistoric life), and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to visit a LOT of museums that display dinosaurs.  I also have two sons, ages 6 and 11, and they often accompany me on these visits.  We participate in activities at museums, we enroll in museum memberships, and we spend a lot more money at the gift shops of museums than I would like to admit.  So I am pretty close to the exact demographic that a lot of museums rely on in order to thrive.  My goal in Allosaurus Roar is to help spread the word about all the great dinosaur museums and encourage people to visit them.

Unless otherwise noted, ALL photographs at Allosaurus Roar taken by John J. Gnida III, all rights reserved.

Allosaurus dinosaur skulls for the museum ratings were drawn by a talented paleoartist named Orlando Grillo, his artwork may be found at http://orlandogrillo.com